Initial Meeting

Our team of qualified professionals will meet with you to discuss your vision, and work together to ensure we all understand what you want to achieve right from the beginning.

After the initial meeting we will arrange to visit and view your construction site and establish a general costing of your proposed project.

Second Meeting

Meeting for the second time we will provide you with an initial costing of your project. From here, we will continue to develop your floor plans into a preliminary plan. We will then consult with our team of professionals & suppliers to produce accurate costings for the project. At this stage we undertake Energy Ratings, Bush Fire Level ratings (BALs) and soil testing for your site, as required.

Around about now things start to get exciting, as we work with you to begin making the big decisions about the look and feel of your home. We will invite to you consider:
  • Housing frames – either timber or steel
  • Trusses for a tile or iron roof
  • Windows, single or double glazing, aluminium, PVC, timber
  • Cladding, weatherboard, hebal, brick veneer.
  • Internal & external finishes

Client selection & specifications are finalised to great detail for our team to work effortlessly through the project with your vision front and foremost.

Signing of Contract

With all the big decisions made, including final floor plan and building specifications, we will provide you with a final quote and building contract in writing. All building permits and insurances are included within the building contract and include a fixed seven-year structural guarantee. Upon receipt of a 5% deposit, along with the signed building contract, the construction process commences.


Construction and progress payments are linked and generally follow this schedule, with payments due to be paid as each stage is completed:
  • Base stage: completion of timber floor or concrete slab
  • Frame stage: when the structural frame is completed.
  • Lock up stage: all exterior cladding, roof covering, windows & external doors are fixed.
  • Fixing stage: all internal cladding, doors, cabinetry & sanitary fixtures are in place.
  • Final stage is the completion of works, including a walk through with project team & final payment
  • Hand over of your completed home is carried out, after final payment has been made.

At each stage of construction, we invite you to walk through the building with us and view its progress. We are always available to answer your questions over the phone during business hours. Please note, due to health and safety regulations, there are some limitations to visiting the construction site, however keeping you up to date with all areas of the build is our priority.

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